bug bounty

What does our bug bounty does?

This is our disclosure program where we make every single efforts to keep all of our connections updates with the latest upcoming issues /threats keeping it as a priority by working within our internal Security team.

What to do if you find a bug?

Once you come across any bug, we here will be having all the sources to give you the best possible solutions by integrating with our security - solutions team. If you think or see, any vulnerability mistake, You are free to share it on right away to our team.

How will you report a bug?

  • Once you find a mistake or any vulnerable thing over here, If your bug is under our observance in first way as you made a report than we will pay you reward based on the criticality observed or undergone.
  • To report a bug you firstly need to sign up using your phone number and with your registered email ID from our website itself
  • Make assure the details through which you have signed up are working well and are reachable on the mobile that you have registered with us.
  • When you create your account, you should use and report us here in the way mentioned below:
    • Username@domain.com
    • (Your email ID must be valid)
    • All the reporting participants will be strictly bound by our Shuppple Terms and Closure.

Responsible Disclosure

The bug that is identified by you, must be straight away reported to our Security Team by sending us an email through your registered email address to support@shupple.com with all the major official contents and in the required format as given below:
Subject: Bug Bounty: <Vulnerability Category> - <Bounty Hunter FullName>

Email body:
  • Vulnerability Information:
    • Name of Vulnerability:
    • Vulnerability Category:
    • Description:
      • _Vulnerable Instances:
      • Steps to Reproduce:
      • Proof of Concept:
      • Impact:
      • Recommendation:
  • Bounty Hunter details:
    • Full Name:
    • Email Address:
    • Mobile Number:
    • Any Publicly Identifiable profile:

Note: For <Vulnerability Category> in subject line, please add subject line with "Bug Bounty". Our Shupple security Team will review your reporting and will get back to you shortly within 7 working days.